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BIG DATA and HADOOP Training

MindsMapped Online IT Training Reviews

MindsMapped Online Big Data Hadoop Training

  • This online training program equips trainees to get a thorough understanding of the core concepts of Big Data & Hadoop. This online Big Data and Hadoop course cover all the topics of Hadoop and Big Data including MapReduce, HBase, YARN, Pig, Hive, Sqoop &Oozie.
  • As this course gets completed, individuals are prepared to appear and be successful in Hadoop interviews or pass the Apache Hadoop certifications exam.
  • This online training course is designed and conducted by certified Hadoop professionals. They have large working experience in the field of Hadoop and Big Data.
  • It is designed and conducted in a way that meets your convenience, flexibility and availability.

Who should get enrolled in this online Hadoop course?

  • Do you want to be part of technology which is in its budding stage?
  • Are you thinking of adding a new dimension to your career?
  • Are you looking to stabilize your career by getting certified in Hadoop?
  • Do you want to make a career in data analytics stream?
  • Have you just graduated and wish to know how to Hadoop or Big Data works in real world scenario?
  • Have you joined a project which requires you to implement ?
  • In case, you have been working in the field of data analytics and wish to give an adequate boost to your career.
  • You lack knowledge about some of the topics of Hadoop and Big Data and want to get proficient in those areas.
  • If you want online Hadoop training and placement, then this is the best course for you
  • Are you switching from a different working platform to Hadoop or Big Data platform?
  • Are you in search of online course that explains complex codes and programs in an easy to understand manner?
  • Are you looking for an online course which could provide you a helping hand in getting certified as Apache Hadoop ?
  • Does your employer want you to get certified in Hadoop?

Benefits of MindsMapped Online IT Training:

  • This Hadoop online course provides you with the flexibility of taking classes at your own pace.
  • After completion of this training course trainees are knowledgeable enough to appear in and/or pass Hadoop certification exam.
  • Within this , you will get an opportunity to work on real-time projects and case studies in order to get an in-depth knowledge about the respective topic.
  • Trainers provided by MindsMapped ensure that online classes are participative and lively making learning a pleasure; our Hadoop trainers are experienced IT professionals with an understanding of related domains.
  • Trainees will be provided with high-quality assignments to gain hands-on experience with Hadoop and its associated tools
  • High-quality study materials are provided to the candidates
  • On demand support is available to all the enrolled students
  • This Hadoop online course is covered in 30 hours. All the trainees are provided assistance in (included in the course).
  • Every week mock interviews and brush-up sessions would be carried out until the trainees get a suitable job.
  • Quiz is conducted for each module to make sure that you understand the concepts in a better way.
  • Candidates will have to all the study materials covered during the course. These study materials include study materials, case studies, assignments, etc. This study material can be availed under knowledge base section of the website.
  • Hadoop and Big Data classes are carried out in weekends and weekdays. You can choose either one of them, as per your requirement.
  • Before getting enrolled with us you can attend Hadoop demo class for free.
  • If required, we can assist in finding a suitable job for you.

What would I learn at the end of Hadoop Tutorial?

  • Trainees will have an in-depth knowledge about Big Data, Hadoop framework concepts such as – HDFS & MapReduce
  • This Hadoop online training course will teach you about YARN (which is actually next level of MapReduce)
  • Trainees will come to know about the concepts of the next generation databases i.e; NoSql Databases such as – Hbase
  • You will have clear understanding about Hadoop cluster, modes of Hadoop cluster, and how to configure Hadoop cluster.
  • Instructor will help you understand Input & Output Forms of a MR program.
  • Programmers who don’t have knowledge about Java would know how to carry out Big Data Analytics tasks using frameworks such as Hive and Pig
  • Would get the hands-on working experience in the applications such as –Zookeeper, Sqoop, and workflow like Oozie for scheduling the Hadoop jobs.
  • Mock interviews are conducted so that trainees understand the questions that may be expected in a Hadoop or Big Data interview.
  • Trainees will come to know what is PIG, PIG VS SQL, How to perform tasks using PIG and other realted PIG terms.
  • Trainees will learn about what is Hive, Hive VS PIG, How to organize data using Hive and other related Hive terms.
  • You will know how to use HBase to perform operations on Big Data.
  • Trainees will be provided with a chance to work on different real-time projects that are based on MapReduce, Pig, and Hive.
  • Our trainers will provide an in-depth knowledge about data locality optimization and speculative execution.
  • In this Hadoop certification program, trainees will come to know how to do the conversion from Java to MapReduce code.

Online Big Data Hadoop Training

Big Data Hadoop Training Demo Class


Places where this course is available:

Connecticut, California, Florida, Colorado, Georgia, New Jersey, New Hampshire, Indiana, Maryland, Illinois, Iowa, Minnesota, Massachusetts, Kansas, Michigan, Delaware, Missouri, North Carolina, New York, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, Utah, South Carolina, Virginia, Tennessee, Vermont, Texas, West Virginia, Washington, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Dallas, Santiago, Chicago, Huston, Boston, Detroit, Salt Lake City, Atlanta, US Bay Area, Seattle, Denver, Columbus, Minneapolis, Des Moines, Orlando, Tampa, Pittsburgh, Philadelphia, San Jose, Richmond, Baltimore, and other states and cities around the world.


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